Manufacturers of Surgical Needles in India

Microsharp Needles is an manufacturer of Surgical Surgical Needles from India. We are the leaders in manufacturing of Surgical Surgical Needles employing the best medical grade stainless steel with utmost care and following international industry standards. Our technocrats precisely design and engineer these needles for obtaining the accurate dimensions and shapes. The ergonomic design of our needles provides ease of handling to the users and can be easily sterilized and cleaned. Our needles are widely appreciated in medical industry for its design standards, accuracy and precision build.

Microsharp Needles manufactures the following range of Surgical Surgical Needles: Taper Cut Surgical Needles, Blunt End Surgical Needles,Taper Point Blunt End Surgical Needles,Trocar Point Surgical Needles, Dexon Point Surgical Needles , Straight Surgical Needles, Glarefree Black Surgical Needles.

Our Surgical Needles

Round Body Surgical Needles

These needles are designed to separate tissue fibres rather than cut them. They are used either for soft tissue or in situations where easy splitting of tissue fibres is possible.

Conventional Cutting Surgical Needles

This needle has a triangular cross section with the apex of the triangle on the inside of the needle curvature.

Reverse Cutting Surgical Needles

The body of this needle is triangular in cross section, having the apex cutting edge on the outside of the needle curvature.

Taper Cut Surgical Needles

This needle combines the initial penetration of a cutting needle with the minimised trauma of a round bodied needle. The cutting tip is limited to the point of the needle

Blunt End Surgical Needles

This needle has been designed for suturing extremely friable tissue such as the liver.

Taper Point Blunt End Surgical Needles

The needles has been designed to minimise the risk of needle stick injury. The Needle point is sharp enough to penetrate fascia and muscle but not skin.

Trocar Point Surgical Needles

Based on the traditional TROCAR POINT, this needle has a strong cutting head which then merges into a robust round body

Dexon Point Surgical Needles

Round Body Surgical Needles with added strength and sharpness. This enables the needle to stay sharp even after multiple penetration.

Straight Surgical Needles

Surgical needles without curve can be provided with various point profiles.

Glarefree Black Surgical Needles

EZEE BLACK designed to give exceptional visibility against tissue during surgery